Why list with us?

We are your property managers. What do we do for you?

We believe you and your property manager are in partnership, with the interests of your property paramount. We acknowledge that we are your eyes and ears in all matters relating to your investment. However, we manage more than just 'property'; we manage people, tenancy documentation, the tenancy relationship and relevant tenancy matters on your behalf.

Some of the services we carry out on your behalf are:

  • Showing your property to prospective tenants;
  • Advertising your property, using resources such as on websites and our in-house rent list;
  • Processing tenancy applications;
  • Verifying the tenants ability to pay rent and ability to care for the property;
  • Lodging rental bonds to the relevant Government Authority on your behalf;
  • Completing all required tenancy documents to commence the tenancy;
  • Trust account receipting, bond lodgement forms, accounting on your behalf, payment of invoices (if instructed), disbursement of rental trust funds;
  • Rent arrears administration and monitoring;
  • Issuing of required statutory notices as required;
  • Maintenance negotiation and management with all parties - landlords, tenants, contractors;
  • Producing regular and thorough property inspection reports, ensure you receive copies of all important documents and
  • Review rent rates and the local market to help you achieve the best outcome, including occupancy
  • Carrying out general routine inspections during a tenancy and reporting to landlord;
  • Tenancy renewals and negotiation;
  • Carrying out the final inspection to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition as it was found - except for fair wear and tear;
  • Negotiating any outstanding matters with the tenant that may be required to be undertaken to return the property in accordance with the entry condition report; and
  • Negotiating and coordinating the bond refund with the tenants in liaison with the landlord.

Why use a property manager?

Many investors are left in the dark when it came to finding tenants, dealing with day-to-day property issues or legal jargon. From fixing leaks to providing tax depreciation schedules, property investment can be complicated. A property manager acts as an intermediary between you and the tenant, and is trained in negotiating through these situations.

Do you want:

  • A reliable income stream?
  • Good capital growth potential?
  • The best investment returns possible?
  • Local and up-to-date knowledge of property value, rental rates and industry legislation?
  • Effective marketing tools that minimize vacancy?
  • Tenants with respect for you and your property?
  • Tenancy practices that reduce rental arrears?
  • All the correct paperwork taken care of?
  • Quick effective action should any legal issues arise?
  • Cost-effective maintenance and advice on improvements?
  • The chance to qualify for landlord protection insurance and tax-deductible management fees?
  • Quality customer service?

We deliver this peace of mind to you, as property managers.

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