Property Management Office Address: UNIT 1, 58 LillyPIlly Avenue, Gracemere

Gracemere - Town of the Future

Big things are happening in Central Queensland, with infrastructure and Mining & Energy projects breaking ground across the entire region.  Capital expenditure for the 2012 – 2017 window, for energy projects alone, is in excess of $130 Billion.  That means 61,000 construction jobs, with 32,000 maintenance and management jobs coming after the construction phase.  There is also a substantial volume of transport and support infrastructure spending (Schools, roads, ports, etc.) that will need to go into the region, to support the growing population and the continued investment in mining and gas industries.

On top of that there is the required housing construction expenditure, with a further 10,000 – 12,000 housing units needed in the next 5 years At an average of $250,000 per dwelling, that’s another $2.8 Billion in housing construction alone.

The Central Queensland area underwent a slight contraction in housing demand in 2008/09, with the GFC and high AUD slowing exports slightly.  The $5.2 Billion regional economy shrugged off those concerns.  Unlike some mining towns with their boom/bust characteristics, the Central Queensland economy is based upon a number of strong sectors, including manufacturing (9.3%), retail (16.7%), Education (9.3%), Health & Community Services (12.7%).  Mining employs only around 7% of the local workforce.

Gracemere, 10 km south of Rockhampton toward growth hotspot, Gladstone, has a current population in excess of 9,000. Gracemere is ideally suited to cater for the planned growth, with a further 5,000 people set to make Gracemere their home in the next few years.

Gracemere offers good schools, a major shopping centre and many sporting facilities, including a golf course.

Major features of the area include Gracemere Saleyards, Cederic Archer Sports & Recreation Complex, Gracemere Lake Golf Club, Gracemere Sports Club, Gracemere Sportsground, Padgole (Gracemere) Lagoon, Anzac Park, Fred Thorsen Park, Ted Price Park and numerous schools & kindergartens.

The new Gracemere Industrial Area is a 1300 hectare industrial park that is expected to become the workplace for some 2,500 maintenance, logistical, engineering and support personnel for the mining industry inland and for the support regional centre Rockhampton will provide to the mines and to Gladstone, 1 hr south by road. The new GIA is within sight of Stanmore Power Station, which generates enough power to run 1.5 million homes, or a lot of heavy industry.

Norman Emanouel, spokesman for Central Queensland Properties, one of the longest residential property developers in Gracemere, has dubbed Gracemere "The Town of the Future", recognising its potential as a high growth area for owner/occupiers and investors alike. "With some rental returns exceeding 8% p.a., Gracemere is hard to go past, if you're serious about securing a good return on property. Year-on-year capital growth rates should see $450K properties double in the next 10-12 years", he said.